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At Belmont Dental Surgery, we’re dedicated to providing the finest dental services. Our staff will take excellent care of your oral health, providing fantastic results.

We understand that for some people going to the dentist can be daunting. At our dental practice we aim to make the experience as comfortable and affordable as possible for both children and adults.

Belmont Dental Surgery’s experienced dentist provides both cosmetic and general dentistry treatments with empathy and care. We aim to put all our patients at ease when visiting our practice.

We maintain state-of-the-art facilities, and employ the latest techniques and procedures.

We offer complete dental care solutions for the whole community.


Our Dental Services

Our wide range of professional services include:

General Dentistry

From general checkups to broken teeth and everything in between, we are here to help you with all your general dental needs.

Emergency and Same Day Appointments

Contact us and we will endeavour to provide you with a same day emergency appointment to help with your dental pain.

Kids Dentistry

We endeavour to change the preconceptions of dentistry and make it a fun experience for all. We have a tv on the ceiling as a nice distraction.


The main aim is to determine the condition of your teeth, mouth and jaw joints. A comprehensive check will provide an evaluation of your teeth with xrays. Soft tissue check for cancer and any possible joint problems.

Scale and Cleaning

We remove tartar and staining from your teeth to help keep your teeth looking great and improve the health of your gums. To improve and maintain the health of your teeth, gums, and bone, it is vital to have the tartar removed from your teeth on a regular basis. This will minimise the risk of gum disease. If needed we can numb up parts of your mouth that need extra attention to reduce the severity of your gum disease.


We offer digital based xrays which will reduce the exposure to everyone.


Teeth coloured fillings are the most economical and common product used to replace damaged, decayed or broken teeth.


If we cannot help retain your tooth because it is beyond repair or if you choose to, we can remove the entire tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Unfortunately a tooth’s nerve can be reactive at anytime causing acute pain from the tooth. If the problem is bad enough, then this part of the tooth needs to be removed. We remove the internal aspect of your tooth (ie nerve and blood supply) to remove dental pain associated with the damaged tooth to help retain your tooth for longer, rather than remove the tooth itself.


There are many ways to improve the look of your teeth and smile. Whether it is straightening your teeth, using veneers, crowns or bridges, dentures or teeth whitening or a combination of all these. We are here to help and provide you options to formulate a plan that suits your budget.

Teeth Whitening

With moulds taken of your teeth, we provide bespoke trays, which hold the bleaching gel in place, to whiten you teeth over a period of up to 14 days. These trays can be retained in the long term for future use with the provision of only the bleaching gel to continue your whitening procedure.


To straighten your teeth we use clear aligners (nearly invisible) instead of traditional wires and brackets.


Cracked, weakened or heavily filled teeth are crowned to help strengthen and prolong the longevity of your tooth.


To improve the look of your front teeth, veneers are used to provide an improved smile.


We can replace missing teeth by using adjacent teeth as support to attach crowns that are suspended over the gum.


An affordable solution to replace a missing tooth or a number of teeth. Denture base can be made from acrylic or cobalt chromium.


We can insert a titanium implant in the jaw to replace a missing tooth root and restore with a crown to match your natural teeth. It is fixed option and is the closest thing to replace a natural tooth.

Mini Implants

We can insert mini-implants in the jaw to help retain and stabilise your full denture. These are more suitable for a bottom full denture, but can also be used for a top full denture if necessary.

Broken Teeth

Whether big or small, broken teeth usually require immediate attention. They may not cause you pain straight away, but if left for too long, may result in a very sore tooth. We aim to fix your broken tooth ASAP, restoring it so you don’t have to worry about damaging it any further.


Nobody likes a toothache. A toothache is one of the most unbearable and debilitating pains that you can have. This is why we always reserve time in the day for seeing dental emergencies. In most instances, we are able to relieve your dental pain on the same day.

Dental Trauma

Unfortunately accidents involving the mouth can and do happen. If you or your children have sustained a traumatic injury resulting in a broken or displaced tooth, it is very important to get it attended to ASAP. Time is of the essence, especially as trauma can often cause nerve damage.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pain from wisdom teeth commonly occurs in the teens and early twenties. It usually presents as a dull ache towards the back of your mouth and can cause facial swelling and restrict mouth opening. If your wisdom teeth are growing in an unfavourable direction, are difficult to clean and/or are partially covered by a flap of gum, then they may need to be removed. Wisdom tooth surgery is a special interest of Dr Kurian and he has considerable experience in this area.

Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Most people will recover within a few days, and discomfort should be quite mild. We will provide full instructions on caring for the extraction site until it has healed. It is best to avoid smoking for the first few days after surgery as this could delay healing.


As a general dentist there are some situations beyond ones abilities. As such it is prudent to refer to an appropriate specialist to continue the high standard of care for your oral health needs.


To protect your teeth and minimise the damage from accidental knocks to your face/mouth it is vital to have a custom fitted mouthguard.


If you clench or grind your teeth at night and wake up with a sore jaw as a result, we can construct this appliance to help reduce the force of clenching/grinding to minimise the forces on your muscles to help manage the problem.


To maintain the existing position of your teeth, so they do not move with time, thin, hard plastic retainers are the perfect solution that are worn at night while you sleep.

Veterans' Affairs

If you have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold card then you are eligible for free general dental treatment.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Please follow this link to see if your child is eligible.

Treatment at Aged Care Facilities

Dr Kurian provides treatment at Narla (Belmont), Nazareth (Belmont) and Amaroo (Charlestown) Aged Care Facilities. If you or a loved one can no longer attend a dentist in person we can provide in house dental services at these above aged care facilities.

Treatment at Aged Care Facilities

Dr Kurian provides treatment at Narla (Belmont), Nazareth (Belmont) and Amaroo (Charlestown) Aged Care Facilities. If you or a loved one can no longer attend a dentist in person we can provide in house dental services at these above aged care facilities.


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We are a friendly team who work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment you require

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